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Negotiations on salary increases did not lead to an agreement

We were not able to find an agreement in the negotiations on salary increases for year 2023 with employers’ representatives. Therefore we have now terminated the normally binding nationwide collective agreement on the IT service sector. The current contract is valid until November 30, 2022.

What does this mean?
This means that we start the negotiations of the collective agreement with a clean slate: All points of the collective agreement must be re-agreed.

If the negotiations on a new collective agreement do not lead to a result before the end of November, the no-agreement period will begin on December 1st.

During the no-agreement period, the provisions of the current collective agreement are followed on the basis of the so-called after effect. However, the labor peace obligation is not valid.

We have not yet agreed when we start the negotiations for the next collective agreement of the IT service sector.

Best regards,

Jyrki Kopperi from Tietoala ry
Minna Anttonen, Björn Wiemers and Julia Lauren from YTN tietoala

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