Membership makes sense – Tietoala ry

Membership makes sense

Tietoala ry (Association of IT sector employees) bargains the collective labour agreement in the IT service sector and ensures that it is complied with. The nation-wide agreement covers over 60 000 employees.

Tietoala deals with the members’ financial, social and legal interests which collectively helps to improve the quality of life at work. This includes help to achieve the balance between work and free-time as well as offering continual personal development.

Our members receive training in working life’s hot topics. They also have the opportunity to influence the collective agreement through the union.

All the employees regardless of role, title or degree, within the information service sector can join Tietoala.

In addition to the union’s events, we arrange a wide variety of leisure activities, such as concerts, theatre nights and cruises.

Most workplaces where the employees are Tietoala members, have a shop steward / union representative (called luottamusmies in Finnish) who represents the union and the employees in discussions with the employer and provides information and help on trade union matters. You can turn to your shop steward in all matters related to your terms of employment.

Also our lawyers provide support for your employment negotiations and advise on the legal aspects of your employment. Your membership fee includes legal expenses, insurance against legal costs arising from employment disputes – note that the legal expenses insurance in your own private comprehensive insurance policy will not cover employment-related disputes.

We also have several holiday cottages around Finland which are well equipped.